about us

We are Gilles Gaillot and Emma Gray, a French, Irish couple.

Over a decade ago, recession made us think outside the box, we bought a truck in France. And turned it into a mobile pizzeria!


Fun fact: the French devour more pizzas than the Italians!

As our wheels turned (literally), we realized a truck could only take us so far. So, we created a brick-and-mortar bakery and pizzeria.

No fancy construction crew needed! Gilles, our French connection, took matters into his own hands.
The result? A shop as unique and charming as our pizzas.

Our wood-fired, thin crust, Emmental cheese pizzas, sourdough bread and delicious pastries soon had heart-warming shout-outs, and incredible supporters spread the word.

Here we are, still doing what we love.
Sure, we've had our ups and downs, just like a delish pizza dough.

Welcome to Gaillot et Gray!
We have the best thin based pizza and is the only French-style pizzeria in town! 🍕💛
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